The Birth of a New Current

Tracy Twyman in France
Magdalene / Rennes-le-Chateau

     “For thousands of years, society’s intellectual and spiritual elite have met in secret to share ideas and to plot cultural transformation through covert action. In the west, such visionary movements have consistently been centered around a single idea: Arcadia – the paragon of Utopian fantasies, a reflection of Heaven on Earth built upon the Hermetic principle of “As above, so below.” Dagobert’s Revenge is a direct manifestation of this arcane cultural phenomenon, and would seem to be playing a leading role in its development. For years, Dagobert’s Revenge has been the world’s only magazine completely dedicated to providing original, unparalleled research into esoteric subjects, secret history, sacred royal bloodlines, and the hidden wisdom of the Holy Grail, exploring the influence of secret societies upon global events, from the ancient kingdom of Atlantis to the modern machinations of the New World Order. Mounted upon a white horse poised for the future, Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine is resolutely heralding the renaissance of the Arcadian Mystique.”

Tracy R. Twyman
Dagobert’s Revenge