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“we like those guys so don’t want to pull you away”

From: “Gary Baddeley” <>
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Subject: RE: HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL recycled 23 years later

Hi Tracy, I thought that Red Wheel/Weiser only had a first look at your next book … which of course could be something other than “Da Vinci Code Decoded”. Anyway, we like those guys so don’t want to pull you away, but should you feel that we’d be a better home for a book like that, remember that we’d love to do it and think we could do a great job for you.


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Dear Gary,
I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you about this earlier. Boyd and I are both under a contract with another company, and we are obliged to have the next books that either of us write published by that company. Unfortunately, that would preclude both of us from doing a book for disinfo.

Thanks very much for the offer, though.

Kind Regards,
Tracy Twyman

Gary Baddeley wrote:

>Tracy -you and Boyd really should do a quickie “Da Vinci Code Decoded” >-we could sell a boatload around the release of the paperback version >of the book and then again when the movie comes out. I already pitched >Boyd as you may have heard… > > >

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