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Yes.. mention.. being an expert in all things Grail, Priory, etc.

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Yes but if it could mention something about him being an expert in all things Grail, Priory, etc. would be even better!


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Hello Will this work or do you need some more detail?  I’m assuming the bio is for promo material and possibly for the back of the book. “Martin Lunn is English and has lived in Barcelona since 1997.  He has lived throughout the Far and Middle East, and in the USA as well as several countries in Europe. He is a freelance journalist who was involved in the first elections in Kurdistan, and has written on a wide variety of topics.  His interest in the truth behind western history dates back the 1980s, when a number of chance encounters inspired him to find out more.”


Gary Baddeley wrote:

Thanks Brian, I will revise and send a revised draft for Martin to sign and print out. He can fax the signature page and mail the originals so that we can get going. Can I get a short bio on Martin today?


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Hello I looked over the contract and it looks fine. There are just a couple of things:

1) Martin was concerned that the due date for the manuscript in the agreement is Feb.15th, but the time line you gave us earlier had a date of Feb.24th.

2) In paragraph 12 “Your Agent”, commission is set at 15%, but Martin and I have a previous agreement of 10%.

Please clarify the above and we can get it signed. It looks like Martin will have to express it to get it back to you by the end of the week. If you can e-mail it tome, I’ll forward it on and hopefully he can get it signed and sent back to you via next day air on Thursday.

Gary Baddeley wrote:

Brian: not to pressure you unduly, but if we care going to get the contract done this year it must be this week as I will be out for the following two weeks.
Did you look at that PDF download?



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