Dragon Court Order Hierarchy
Nicholas de Vere

10th November 2003

Dear Martin,

Please email this to Tracy.

We have sunspot interference with the mobiles. I cannot afford to go back on the net because the amount of emails I was getting were so low it did not justify the expense any more than it would travelling to a town with an Internet Café. In any case there are no Internet Cafes in the region so I would probably have to travel 40 or so miles up to London, which would be time consuming and unecessarily costly.

I was saying, or trying to say that it would be erring on the side of caution to include Laurence Gardner in the list of acknowledgements in the book. Even though the material he printed in Realm of the Ring Lords was mine. Although he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if he did try to sue me, it would still mean having to travel 300 miles to the Court of his choice, probably Exeter. This again would be time consuming and costly, never mind the fact that I wouldn’t be able to get Legal Aid for a civil case these days.

So please email Tracy and ask her to get the publisher to include his name. Secondly, as Dufton is still fancying himself as fantasy leader of a Dragon Court of one member, I think we ought to ensure that the real structure of the Court as it stands at the moment should be included in the appendices. Please ask Tracy to include the following also.


Nicholas de Vere




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