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“sales are continuing into the stratosphere.”

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Hi Martin, this sounds fun. Probably what we should do is get one of the independent booksellers in SF to do sales at the event, probably City Lights. Once you let us know the exact details we’ll organize it.

Thanks and best wishes,


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Hello Gary,

I hope that all is going well for you and that sales are continuing into the stratosphere.

In February, Tracy, Nicholas de Vere and I are holding a Dragon Court event in San Francisco in which Tracy and I will be giving lectures and selling books. It should be quite a well-attended affair as Nicholas de Vere is pretty high profile.

The only people, apart from a friend of the organiser, who will be involved in giving the lectures will be us, and we will be the only people selling. It will therefore be an opportunity for Tracy and I to sell DVCD and the DVD.

Could you let us have some books and DVDs to sell? As Richard lives in California, he may like to pop in too.

Best wishes,

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Visit the web site of the Financial Times at http://www.ft.com

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