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“I have an alternative proposal for you”

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Thanks Tracy, that sounds great. Please have Martin contact me and Gary Baddeley (cc’s above).

Saw a wonderful lecture by “Hannussen” author Mel Gordon last night at Adam Parfrey’s house. He even had films of Hannussen! Amazing stuff, you’d have loved it.


PS Thank you for the new issue. I always buy your mag on the newsstand (almost always at Tower) the moment I see it, but I appreciate that you sent me one. I shall pass it on to someone who *deserves* it. Can’t think who that might be at this time, but I will figure it out.

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> Dear Richard, > >

I have an alternative proposal for you. I have a friend named Martin, > who is a writer for the Financial Times of London. He currently lives > in Barcelona. He recently edited a book that I am having published > about the Grail bloodline. It was a major piece of work, and he did a > great job.

He also makes regular trips to Rennes-le-Chateau, so he > would be able to do a lot of hands-on research.

Why don’t you have him > write the Da vinci book? I have already asked him, and he said he is up > to the task. >

> > Let me know what you think.

> > Regards,

> > > Tracy Twyman (303) 308 8169

> > Richard Metzger wrote:
> > >Hi > Tracy,
> >Please send me your phone number. >> > >Best, >> > >Richard >> >> >> > > >

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