Twyman-Lunn Correspondences

Revealing Emails

In this page, you will see a list that contains email correspondences between “Tracy Twyman” , “Martin Lunn”, and “Gary Baddeley”  (Disinformation President / CEO) and how Tracy ‘agreed’ to write the book for “Disinfo Publication” in 2003, but with the condition that it should be under another author’s name since she was under a prohibitive Publishing contract.

* “Brian Albert”, was Tracy’s late husband [who never did work nor contribute in his lifetime beside designing a few of Tracy’s book covers].  Brian was playing the role of a ‘middleman’ between Tracy and the Disinfo, as Tracy was writing  “Da Vince Code Decoded” More probably Tracy corresponded with the Publisher, at many times bypassing Martin Lunn, under Brian’s email account ; as “Brian”  was contacted regarding every detail of her writing and the outcome of ‘”Da Vinci Code Decoded”

*Observe how ‘Martin’ at the beginnings of the correspondences is not speaking for him self, you have mostly ‘Brian’  speaking for him, and at times “Tracy R Twyman”.

* There are references where Tracy was given %10 of book’s royalties as being “an Agent” of Martin Lunn by the Publisher that is owned now by “ Red Wheel / Weiser”.  Eventually after Martin Lunn’s death, the royalties stopped by his estate in England.* [Tracy did express before, that Martin funeral was staged by Martin himself; that he was still alive.]

* The gratitude she received:  Tracy was sued within a year for the royalties.

* Martin Lunn “Chancellor & Prince Grand Master ” was chosen as the “author” of Tracy’s “Lady Grand Master”  Da Vinci Code Decoded by herself, due to intricate relations within Dragon Court Order, which both were members of.

* DVCD Chapters subjects are typical of Tracy’s themes throughout her writing career.
* Tracy demonstrated the book as her product .
* Original PDF design for the “Da Vince Code Decoded” book.   
* There are 13 Chapters in the book, that was Tracy method of numbering her books Chapters

Red Wheel / Weiser
Disinformation Books website is not associated with nor associated with

Pre-Martin Contact:  Publisher to Tracy
“we like those guys so don’t want to pull you away”
Pre-Martin Contact: Tracy to  “Richard Metzger”  
“I have an alternative proposal for you”
 Dragon Court Order #1 
Nicholas de Vere 
Publisher to ‘Brian’
“Martin hasn’t read Da Vinci Code yet so there’s not much to talk about until he does.”
‘Brian’ to Publisher
“Tell me all you can about your specific needs for this book.”
‘Brian’ to Martin
“let me know what your ideas are so far so we make sure we’re on the same page”
Martin to ‘Brian’
“Should I be communicating through you or direct to Gary?”
‘Brian’ to Publisher
“Martin says he “agrees to your points”
Publisher to ‘Brian’
“I have never seen anything written by Martin
Books by Martin Lunn Da Vinci Code Decoded (2004)
12/17/2003 1& 2
Publisher to ‘Brian’
 “commission is set at 15%, but Martin and I have a previous agreement of 10%” 
Disinfo Contract Document (pg.6)
Publisher to Martin
“Perhaps you could get other recognized people in the field to say how great you are”
Tracy to Martin
with my 10% of DVC Decoded, and my 25% of The Dragon Legacy
Dragon Court event in San Francisco
Dragon Court Order # 3

Dagobert’s Revenge


The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and
Dragon Sovereignty
aka Sarkeny Rend

More Coming, Stay Tuned

A Letter from Tracy Twyman to Boyd Rice 

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